Hermans Techniglaz wins the BIPV AWARD 2021!

Hermans Techniglaz is proud to announce that we have won the BIPV AWARD 2021 for our precious project Aeres University in Almere.

At the Floriade site in Almere, where the Floriade Expo will take place in 2022, they have realised an energy-neutral building for the Aeres University of Applied Sciences. A university of applied sciences intended for the future generation that has a passion for sustainable developments receives education and conducts research into healthy living environments, food and energy.

Since 2022, Hermans Techniglaz has begun marketing our solar products under the new brand name Hermans Technisolar. Supplied in total 712 Powerglaz panels for the roof and the facade, 400 panels for the roof and 312 panels for the facade. The total capacity is more than 156 kWp, of which 88 kWp is installed on the roof.

The custom-made panels for the roof and in the facade are supplied with different cell coverage. The BIPV panels for the facade have a lower cell occupancy, in other words, more light and visual permeability has been created (40%). The panels for the roof are integrated in an impressive steel construction, under the panels are walkways and a public area. The cell coverage of the panels on the roof is around 25% light transmission.

At Floriade Expo 2022 you will discover green solutions from innovators from home and abroad that make our cities more fun, more beautiful and more sustainable. And you enjoy the scent and colour of flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit. You will also become acquainted with developments in the field of greenery, food, health and energy. Floriade only takes place once every 10 years.

© Bjørn Vijlbrief (photography)