The Depot Cinema, East Sussex

Project: The Depot Cinema
Location: East Sussex

The Depot Cinema is well-known in its hometown of Lewes. It used to be the old and beloved Harvey’s beer brewery, so the building has a proud history. We were tasked to transform what was quite a traditional space into a place where people could meet, eat, relax and enjoy a film in modern comfortable surroundings.

The structure was almost entirely made of glass giving the building an outdoor/indoor feel whatever the weather. CUIN is the most thermally efficient insulating glass available. It has up to 33% less glass and is up to 36% thinner. Lighter insulating glass reduces the load on supporting building components. Standard frames for double glazing can be used, and it has a low carbon footprint and is fully recyclable.

More than just a cinema. It is an enjoyable venue for a whole host of year-round entertainment including live music. The glass structure of the building brings the past alive in a modern context while the technical details and features of the glazing make it a comfortable space for visitors.