Local Government Training Centre, Czech Republic

Project: Local Government Training Centre
Location: Czech Republic

The training centre of the Czech Republic’s regional government office was renovated in 2008 by architects, Atelier Habina. Our assignment was to connect two office buildings. Our solution had to be a transparent and inviting place for employees, students and local residents.

CUIN is the most thermally efficient insulating glass available on the market. By using CUIN, the load on the supporting building elements is reduced and a considerable weight saving of up to 8 kg/m² can be achieved. CUIN is also applicable in almost all standard frames for both existing construction and new construction.

The facades of the training centre were fitted with clear CUIN glazing – this gives the building an extremely good insulating effect, due to its U-value of 0.6 Wm2K. Anybody using the facility would benefit from comfortable conditions all year round whatever the light or temperature outside.