Villa SKR, Czech Republic

Project: Villa SK
Location: Czech Republic

The Villa SKR is an impressive private dwelling that demanded a cosy, homely feel despite some external walls being constructed almost entirely in glass. This contemporary home needed a contemporary solution.

CUIN is an innovative product that despite its limited thickness and light construction has a very good insulating effect. As well as being hugely energy efficient it has revolutionary U-values of 0.4 W/m2K in a double-glazed version and no less than 0.2 W/m2K in a triple version.

CUIN is an environmentally friendly and high-tech alternative to traditional glazing, without increasing the thickness or the weight of the glass. The frameless laminated triple and double glazing with CUIN foil has an excellent insulating effect. Not only does the glazing ensure unparalleled thermal performance, but the glazing is burglary-resistant at the same time